Organic Baby Linens

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Why organic bamboo linens?

Our linens are made of organic bamboo which is a healthier option to plastic based fabric. 

Organic bamboo promotes:

Ecosustainability, as it requires no fertilizer, irrigation or pesticides and needs only rain and sun to grow.

Fair trade, as our supplier uses only selected manufacturers based on ethical factors

Quality, as the fabric made from bamboo is soft, highly absorbent and breathable

Healthier Living as it is more resistant to mildew and bacteria than other fabrics

What is available for baby in your organic linens?

We have a variety to choose from in our organic baby linens. Use our organic baby washcloths to bathe your little one and then wrap them in our organic bamboo hooded robe after their bath.  After drying, put them in our soft, comfortable organic bamboo footed sleeper, and cover them in our soft organic baby blanket for a comfortable night's sleep.