Organic Baby Lotion & Cream

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Why use organic baby products?

Baby's skin is sensitive, and organic baby lotions, and organic diaper creams are gentle to the skin and offer a natural alternative to regular baby products, which may contain toxic chemicals.

Our organic and natural baby lotions and natural creams contain gentle organic/natural ingredients. There are no synthetic ingredients, foaming agents or toxic chemicals present that can harm baby.

Is tear free shampoo safe?

While tear free shampoo does relieve the risk of stinging baby's eyes, it is good to know the reason why. 

Tear free shampoos contain synthetic surfactants, such as carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and allergens, which contain toxic elements, which means they won't hurt baby's eyes, but what will they hurt?

Our organic baby shampoo and body wash is not tear free, so you have to be careful that it does not get in baby's eyes, but it is toxic free and safe to use on baby's hair and skin.