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Why Use A Shaving Brush?

A shaving brush serves many different purposes. It produces more of a lather which acts as a lubricant for your razor blade and skin, and also moisturizes and softens your skin in the process. The bristles from the brush raises the hair on your face, so that they are easier to shave off. 

Also, the process of brushing the hair on your face helps to exfoliate the skin, therefore lessening the appearance of pimples, ingrown hairs, etc.

Our shaving brushes are made of solid wooden handles and natural animal bristles.

What Are The Benefits Of A Soap Dish?

Using a soap dish extends the life of you soap by keeping it dry and keeping your bathroom counter/sink clean. Our slatted wooden soap dish helps absorb water and creates air flow to promote quick drying, which lengthens the life of your soap.