Organic Bath Foam

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What are the benefits of organic bath foam?

When you shop for organic bath foam, you are getting a product that contains natural, organic ingredients with no toxic chemicals that can harm the environment or your body. Your skin (the largest organ of your body) absorbs more that 60% of anything applied to it, so it makes sense to avoid using products with harmful chemicals or substances. 

What are organic bath foams used for?

Organic foam bath is used for various reasons. The main reason is that we are trying to use natural pure ingredients that have no toxic chemicals that could harm our body. But it is also used to soften skin, give fragrance to our skin, give our skin a smoother silkier feel, or just to relax us while soaking in the luxurious bubbles!

Is organic bath foam-safe to use for sensitive skin?

Our organic bath foams contain natural, organic, ingredients and is free of parabens and sulphates, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. Products that contain harsh and toxic chemicals can cause various skin irritations.