Bath Wash

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What are the health benefits to organic body wash?

When you shop for organic body wash, you are getting a product that contains natural, organic ingredients with no toxic chemicals that can harm the environment or your body. Your skin (the largest organ of your body) absorbs more that 60% of anything applied to it, so it makes sense to avoid using products with harmful chemicals or substances. 

Can I use my body wash as a shampoo?

The texture and pH level of your skin is different than that of your body, so it is advisable to use a separate shampoo from your body wash.

You can however, substitute your body wash for your dish soap. Our organic body wash can also be used as organic hand soap or dish soap for your kitchen as dish soaps tend to be extremely drying.

Which is soap or body wash?

Although both have their advantages and disadvantages, organic body wash is more moisturizing, as regular bar soap tends to dry out the skin. Dryness, clogged pores and skin flaking can all be helped by using a body wash. A body wash usually contains ingredients that are meant to restore moisture to the skin.

A body wash is also healthier if there are several people in the household using the same soap.

If using a bar soap, try our organic bath soap, which has moisturizing properties and contains no toxic chemicals.